Criminal Tax Law

During audits or assessments entailing tax criminal law repercussions, the reputation of the company, the business continuity, the standing of the directors and very often the enterpreneurs’ personal and family assets are at a serious risk of being undermined. The Firm developed wide-spanning expertise in assisting on this type of litigation, combining both tax administrative and criminal defense. The assistance is provided through a team of professionals who are highly qualified and fully conscious of the importance of a prompt response to the Authorities.

In particular, the Professionals performs the following activities:

  • Legal support during criminal investigations concerning tax crimes and in international procedures concerning multiple jurisdictions
  • Assistance in matters relating to provisional seizures and the potential authorised use of sums seized for tax settlement purposes
  • Judicial defense in criminal proceedings concerning tax offences before all jurisdictions
  • Advisory and support in the drafting of Organisational Models pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/2001 with particular regard to the tax offences introduced by Legislative Decree 124/2019.